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Soft Space

Experience the laid-back luxury of our modern living room photo set. With a blend of graceful curves and primary shades like white, cream, and black, the vibe is all about calm and classy. From the inviting bouclé curved couch to the upscale accent chair, paired with a chic coffee table, black framed mirror, and vibrant palm, this space truly epitomizes the pinnacle of modern style.


Concrete Corner

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of productive sophistication with our office set. Featuring a statement curved concrete desk, an understated black chair, and a thoughtfully curated bookshelf with minimalist decor, this neutral yet inviting space creates an atmosphere that's both refined and welcoming.


Cozy Cove

Discover a haven of opulent relaxation within our archway set. Boasting an array of plush accent seating, a glistening gold bar cart, and a circular coffee table, this space is a harmonious blend of textures and tones. With a colour palette that seamlessly melds black, white, creams, and hints of gold, it embodies a refined yet inviting atmosphere that defines contemporary elegance.


Lush Libations

Step into the world of chic sophistication with our bar photography set. Highlighting a striking black slated bar topped with a white quartz countertop, set against our lush Stay Grounded greenery wall and accented by a playful neon sign, this space masterfully combines shades of black, white, and green to offer an ambiance that's both stylish and vibrant.


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