Events at sunroom

Welcome to Sunroom Studios, a creative space located in the Snowball Mill on Main Street in St. George, Ontario. Built in 1869.

  • 1440 square feet
  • Accommodates approximately 60 guests
  • Furniture included
  • In-floor heating
  • iPad with sound system
  • Elevator access
  • Large washroom
  • Additional changeroom
  • Built-in dry bar

Event Insurance is required for all events and must be purchased through Duuo at the time of booking. If you intend on serving alcohol, you must ensure you receive through appropriate permit through AGCO.

Event FAQ


Alcohol is allowed but you must purchase the appropriate permit for your events (easy to do so, do here:

Event Insurance

Event insurance must be purchased for all events. Do so here: Click Here


50% of the booking cost is due up front at time of booking; remaining 50% due no later than one week prior to the event

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