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Welcome to the sunroom

Photography, Creator & Production Studio in St. George, Ontario

Welcome to Sunroom Studios, a creative space located in the Snowball Mill on Main Street in St. George, Ontario. Built in 1869, Sunroom Studios is over 1400 square feet of studio space with original masonry, exposed wood beams and plenty of natural light. Perfect for your creative endeavours!

Seeing the need for an open and inviting rental space for creators from different realms, we designed Sunroom Studios to accommodate photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and your next small event. Sunroom Studios is a canvas for you to bring your creativity to life!

Sunroom Studios is filled with large windows providing beautiful natural light at any time of the day. The inviting warmth of the natural light is brought to life by the elegantly designed vignettes with curated furniture pieces.

Sunroom Studios is more than just a space to create art, our vision is to make it a hub for collaboration, photoshoots, intimate events, and workshops for the artist community in southern Ontario.

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