Golden Wonderland - Holiday Set

Step into a Christmas wonderland of enchantment and modern elegance. Our holiday set, bedecked in opulent white and gold, radiates an enchanting aura, inviting all who step inside. Illuminated by the gentle glow of candlelight and soft lighting, the cozy living room arrangement, complete with a plush chair and a welcoming fireplace, beckons you to bask in its warm and maximalist charm.

Sparkling Holiday Heaven

  • Immerse yourself in a luxurious white, gold, and cream colour palette, setting the stage for an enchanting holiday atmosphere
  • Relax in the embrace of an oversized white chair, designed for 1-2 individuals, or perch upon a black bench capable of accommodating 2-3 adults or 3-4 children
  • Revel in the cozy ambiance, as the fireplace radiates a warm, candlelit glow through flameless candles, while a majestic nutcracker proudly stands beside the resplendent Christmas tree
  • Experience the magic of maximalism as the space comes alive with an array of small props and decorative items, adorning the Christmas tree with a shimmering display of white and gold ornaments
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